The ultimate for speed, convenience and lifting capacity

Like Hewitt Hydraulic Cantilever Lifts, these models offer the convenience of push-button or wireless remote control operation. Additionally, they can raise and lower boats in seconds. You’ll never hesitate to use your boat again. The Hydraulic Lift series also offers a wider range of models with capacities from 4400 lbs to a massive 18000 lbs. With optional bracing and leg kits, these lifts can be used in water up to 8’ deep. Wherever you look, you’ll see unsurpassed quality and construction durability in Hewitt Hydraulic Lifts.

All models include a locking water resistant chest that houses the hydraulic pump and control system. For DC models, the chest also provides space for housing batteries. The hydraulic system uses biodegradable hydraulic fluid that will not harm lakes or rivers. The fluid’s anti-freezing properties also simplify winter storage. A translucent fluid reservoir makes it easy to check fluid level at a glance. Models up to the 6,100 lb. capacity are equipped with two hydraulic cylinders, while the 8100 lb to 12100 lb models uses four cylinders. The extreme 18000 lb model uses 6 cylinders to meet the higher load requirement. Standard cylinders have long-lasting seals with scraper designed for underwater use and hoses with water resistant covering. Optional aluminum cylinders with stainless steel shafts are available on some models.

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